About YQH

Dedication to Quality

Yangqing Hao (YQH) was started by Taiwanese pu’erh collector, Yang Shi-Nan. Mr Yang has collected and studied pu’erhs since the 1980’s. His dissatisfaction with modern “pu’erh making” led him to work to revive the pre-60’s pu’erhs premium quality and tradition. His teas are now highly regarded and considered a premium boutique brand.

He is known for his dedication to producing high-quality Ancient tree Puerh.

Boutique sheng puerh tea.

Our Brand

Producing quality tea.


Yangqinghao is a highly sought-after brand in the world of Puerh tea.

Known for its exceptional quality and unique flavor profiles.

YQH teas are made mostly using very old ancient trees, growing deep in the mountains of Yunnan.

These teas mainly come from Mengla County and the greater Yiwu area.

Within this area, there’s quite a variety ranging from six famous mountain blends, to Guafengzhai, and Bohetang.

Ancient Tree puerh tea comes from old, wild growing tea trees that offer unique flavors.

These trees have deep roots that absorb rich nutrients, creating a distinct taste profile.

The age of the trees contributes to the complexity of the tea.


Puerh Tea comes from the Yunnan province in China.

One of the key aspects that sets Puerh Tea apart from other teas is the way it is processed.

The leaves are picked, withered, and then pan-fired to stop oxidation.

They are then traditionaly compressed into discs, (cakes) and other shapes, before being left to ferment and age.

Aged Sheng Puerh tea undergoes a complex fermentation process over time, resulting in a deep, mellow flavor profile. This aging process allows the tea to develop unique flavor, energy, and antioxidants.


Our mission is to produce the highest quality raw aged puerh for future generations to enjoy.

Our teas are produced from the highest quality leaf, picked from ancient trees growing deep in the mountains of Yunnan, China.

We use traditional processing, hand picked and pressed by stone.

Each tea is unique, infused with chi energy from the deep roots of the ancient trees. The rich flavors and feeling of connection will come through in your cup.